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Application Developer Benefits

Enables the development and deployment of modern applications that are inherently network protocol, operating system, database engine, application development framework, and application programming language agnostic. Thus, introduction of solutions to new and existing customers never overtly or covertly requires "ripping and replacing" existing IS infrastructure.

Benefit Feature How
Freedom to choose your preferred programming languages, frameworks, and development environments when developing database driven applications. Independence across Data Access APIs, Data Access Protocols, Operating Systems, and the abillity to natively host a variety of programming language runtime environments. Use industry standards such as SPARQL, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, XMLA, GData for Data Access, HTTP for RESTful and Data Representation independent client-server communications pattern, and then use Runtime Hosting and/or User Defined Types to extend the Virtuoso sever where necessary.
Atomic packaging and deployment of applications. An XML based application component packaging system (a variant of the RPM packaging system). Virtual Application Distros (VADs) and the ability to host all application components with Virtuoso's WebDAV repository (in real or virtual form).