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Business Benefits:

  • Reuse systems and applications without locking into a host operating system, programming language/environment or database engine
  • SOA and web services is about having programming language and platform independent interfaces between the components of  the  corporate IT infrastructure. This has evident maintenance, manageability, deployment and life cycle benefits.  Virtuoso can act as a hub coordinating between such services or can expose legacy databases or application logic to the world of web services.
  • Construct complex functionality by combining heterogeneous components through the use of web services protocols.
  • Import third party web services and expose web services hosted in Virtuoso without programming.
  • Expose any application programming interfaces via web services protocols without programming

Technical Benefits:

  • Java, .Net, Perl, Python and Ruby Interoperability
  • Access heterogeneous distributed data through cooperative federated databases and documents
  • Integrate distributed data sources, applications, and information through an XML-based Web Services framework.
  • Rich Development Options with Virtuoso
    1. Virtuoso VSPX for dynamic web pages
    2. Virtuoso hosted .Net and Mono, Java, PHP and Python
    3. SQL 99/200n and powerful stored procedure language, access to native SQL on remote databases.
    4. ASP or ASPX
    5. Deploy and or host your ASP or ASPX on a Mac OSX or Unix platform
  • Web services can be created from stored procedures, SQL, Java and .Net classes.  Once created, they are online, no special compiling or deployment cycle is needed.
  • Web Services can be integrated via Business Process Execution Language for Web services (BPEL4WS) processes, compiled and manage via Virtuosos BPEL Process Manager