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Application Integration (Web Services and SOA)

Virtuoso Universal ServerâÄôs powerful aggregation of Virtual Hosting and Web Services functions simplifies tying together the functions like sending messages across different applications or updated records in remote heterogenous databases.

Virtuoso offers programmers flexiblity and allows access to SOAP end points in Virtuoso/PL which provides control over data as well as providing exposure of service invocation URIâÄôs and composite binding into WSDL description files with ease.

Virtuoso Web Application Server implements the full Web Services Suite of Functions for Security, Reliability and an Open Directory of Web Services via UDDI and WebDAV. Complete Web Solutions are hosted entirely within the Virtuoso object-relational database management system for storage integrity and portability.

Virtuoso Application Server hosting creates direct URI-based linkages to any Web Content in your solution. This includes 3rd party components such as ASP .Net, JSP, Python, and Perl Files. Try that with native file system services.

Web Services Platform, Virtuoso powers native SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and WS-Security suites of services. Virtuoso hosts and publishes XML Web Services automatically. SQL Stored Procedures, Microsoft .Net, Java, Perl, Python, PHP and other run-time code can all be exposed via W3C standard protocols.

Application Integration Benefits

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