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Business Benefits:

  • Compatible and interoperable with leading BPEL implementations.  Processes can be composed with any of the leading  tools and deployed on Virtuoso with no or minimal changes.
  • BPEL processes have access to XSLT, XQuery, SQL, Java and .Net based application logic on the local server.   This allows for easy addition of application intelligence beyond what can be expressed in BPEL itself.
  • BPEL Process Manager keep statistics on the performance and availability of component web services, allowing  streamlining and optimization of workflows
  • Monitor and manage processes for historical analysis using reporting and statistics option to streamline business processes
  • Multiple Platforms deployment options, runs on Microsoft Windows®, Apple Mac OSX®, Linux and a large number of U*X Operating Systems.

Technical Benefits:

  • Enterprise-class Web services business process integration
  • Provides consistent process management for stateful (long-running) and stateless (short-running) processes
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous process execution
  • Integrated Process Debugger to test end-to-end integration
  • BPEL4WS 1.1 spec compliant including the full complement of BPEL activities, event handling, exception handling and scope/compensation management
  • Integrated with Web Services Standards including WS-Security and WS-Reliable Messaging and attachments