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Cloud Computing Benefits

Whether you are performing proof of concept project activities or curating data for public and private consumption, via "on demand" cloud computing services, Virtuoso provides a powerful mechanism for constructing, moving, and integrating disparate data in a manner thats convenient, extremely secure, and cost-effective.

Benefit Feature How
Cost-effective deployment of RDF based Linked Data Sets across internal VPNs hosted in the Cloud Native RDF Quad Store that is easily deployed to any Cloud Computing oriented virtual machine. Simply install Virtuoso afresh into a Virtual Machine or use one of its pre-configured VMs for Amazon EC2 or VMWare.
Effective route for offerring or exploiting "Linked Data as a Service" in the cloud. pre-configured and optimized Virtuoso virtual machines exist in Amazon EC2 AMI form for popular RDF Linked Data Sets such as: DBpedia, BBC Music & Programmes, NeuroCommons, Bio2RDF, and the Linked Open Data Cloud. Instantiate and Amazon EC2 AMI for the data set of your choice.
Simple but powerful soluton for creating and publishing Personal or Organization oriented structured profiles in the cloud. OpenLink Data Spaces collaboration engine modules (packaged as Virtuoso Application Distros.) that can be installed atop Virtuoso. Install the Open Data Spaces core Frameworks package which delivers a FOAF schema and HTML+RDFa structured profile. Enhancing your profile if purely a profile form edit task.