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Business Benefits:

  • Virtuoso builds on existing infrastructure. Integrating Virtuoso does not require rewriting code or replacing databases.
  • Virtuoso can generate a unified view of multiple disjoint and heterogeneous operational information systems for analysis and timely decision support.
  • Virtuoso improves productivity of in-house development by facilitating re-use and re-purposing of existing systems and services.
  • By interfacing to legacy technologies, Virtuoso reduces the pressure to replace working infrastructure.

Technical Benefits:

  • Single server for connecting to legacy databases and presenting these further as web services.
  • A single point of access for all SQL clients, no matter what database they access. This also allows enforcing policy based row level security on clients without relying on the final DBMS.
  • Efficient SQL access to remote databases, using sophisticated distributed query optimization.
  • Support for stored procedures performing distributed transactions on multiple systems using MS DTC on Windows.