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Envision a Unified Data Model with The Ideal Data Junction Box - Virtuoso Universal Server

Virtuoso is OpenLink's Premier Server Product, the result of years of leading the Universal Data Access technology sector.

Virtuoso is a data access middleware server with more - the power of an enterprise-class Database and Application Server. Virtuoso Virtual Database unifies access to SQL, XML, and Text data sources and provides heterogenous access to commercially available, non-Virtuso systems.

Todays enterprise through application evolution, company mergers or aquisitions are often faced with a data residing in any number of DBMS or applications. Virtuoso seemlessly unifies data from any number of ODBC or JDBC-accessible databases. Using Virtuoso you can pull together your systems; yet retain the efficiency of a single data model. For example, you can use the Virtual Databaseto join tables from Sybase on Solaris to Oracle tables on a Windows platform. Virtuoso connects to the industry's most complete roster of DBMS systems.

Create entirely new web based applications with minimal effort using XML and Web Services, the established methods for creating new applications and web-based partnerships. Virtuoso creates XML documents on the fly from relational data, and supports XSLT, XQuery, full Text indexing of XML, XML Schema, XQuery and Mapping schemas between relational data and XML. Virtuoso's Native XML and Full Text Database provides storage and data access to XML data ranging from highly structured to free form un-structured documents.

Virtuoso includes an Object-Relational Database, a high performance SQL-92 compliant engine which includes support for SQL 200n style objects as standalone data in procedures and as column data types. The Virtuoso Object System supports single inheritance, late binding, polymorphism and persistence of objects as column values in SQL tables. The Virtuoso relational database also includes support for Row Level Security, Regular Expressions and 64 Bit file sizes.

Virtuoso Database Joins, Replicates, Empowers Heterogeneous SQL and XML Data. Provides transparent XML, ODBC, JDBC, ADO .NET and OLEDB access to relational data residing on any ODBC-, JDBC- OLE- accessible DBMS. Any number of relational tables from any database source may be linked in to a Virtuoso schema, making them indistinguishable from tables stored in the Virtuoso engine itself!

Data Management and Integration Benefits

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