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Drupal SIOC Reference

What is it about?

Drupal is a content management framework, content management system and blogging engine.

Why is it important?

Unified Storage of heterogenous data originating from a variety of moduls and associated protocols that is exposed as RDF instance data. Thus, benefits include:

  • SPARQL access to Drupal data via a SPARQL Endpoint

How can one use this feature?

  • Obtain an Open Source of Commercial Edition of Virtuoso ( enable PHP Hosting Support during installation)
  • Obtain the drupal-1.10.tgz file from Patrick.
  • Go to http://:[port]/drupal
  • Use Drupal as per usual
  • Query SPARQL Data via the endpoint: http://:[port]/drupal using RDF Data Source URI (Named Graph): http://:[port]/drupal_v (Virtual Graph)

What are the RDF Views supported?

Can I See This In Action Anywhere?

Using Virtual Graph URI:

Key Drupal to SIOC Mappings

Drupal SIOC Sample Value
Users rdf:type sioc:User
Feeds rdf:type atomrdf:Feed
Feeds Items rdf:type atomrdf:Entry


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