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ODS-Addressbook offers features to add, manage, and organize contacts for every ODS user.

Feature Highlights

  • Create/Update/Delete Contact.
  • Organize information in four main tabs: Personal, Contact, Home and Business
  • Tag Contacts. One or more contacts can be selected in order to add (n) tags to them. An additional option is to add tags from the user's tags list, so-called "My Tags".
  • Import Contacts: User can import contacts from:
    • The following file types, found in the local file system or WebDAV:
      1. vCard
      2. FOAF
      3. CSV (the user will be given the opportunity to map fields from the file to Addressbook properties)
    • LDAP Servers: depends on what servers the user has defined at his User Profile Page->Tab "LDAP Servers"
  • Export contact(s) to vCard, FOAF, or CSV files
  • Share contact(s) with other users
  • View contact(s) others have shared with the user
  • Simple/Advanced Search
    • Advanced search adds options to:
      1. search among own and/or shared contact(s)
      2. set max rows
      3. order by Name, Link, or Folder
      4. Set Direction of the search results: Desc or Asc
      5. Show a Tag Cloud within search results
  • RSS, Atom, and RDF support
  • SIOC(RDF/XML), SIOC(N3/Turtle) support
  • SyncML support

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