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ODS Bookmark Manager

ODS component that delivers a Bookmark Management platform for constructing, maintaining, and sharing vast collections of Web resource URLs.

Feature Highlights

Presentation & Content

  • Web-based 3-pane user interface for easy navigation of bookmark folder structure
  • XBEL-import and -export capability which also includes Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Netscape, and Opera bookmarks


  • Smart Folders - dynamic query-based view of bookmarks database
  • Tag-based viewing and organization
  • Bookmarklet for easy bookmark entry creation while browsing


  • Powerful Full-Text search that also includes support for GData, XPath and XQuery
  • SPARQL based queries against bookmark database data mapped to SIOC ontology as Virtual RDF data-sets


  • Supports imports and exports to and from and other bookmarking systems that expose data via Web Services or RSS, Atom, OPML based syndication feeds.

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