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ODS Gallery

ODS-Gallery is a platform for managing and managing Images such that includes: Photos, Diagrams, Clippings and other image based content.

Feature Highlights

Presentation & Content

  • Multiple Browsing & Interaction modes - Slideshows and Thumbnail view of images.
  • Multiple Upload Options - you can upload single photo or multiple photos via your browser.
  • Multiple Upload Sources - you can upload images from your local Filesystem of the ODS Briefcase (WebDAV).
  • Image Metadata Exposure - all Image Metadata is automatically extracted at upload time, this includes the entire collection of EXIF properties from Digital Camera photos.
  • Viewers Commenting - includes in-built commenting functionality that transparently integrates with Virtuoso's NNTP Server (ODS-Discussion module).
  • Email Photos - supports email attachments by Reference since you can send Image URIs instead of actually attaching physical file.
  • Have your friends subscribe to your Gallery - enables image gallery syndication using formats such as Atom, RSS 2.0, RDF, XBEL or mRSS.
  • Add Albums to organize your photos - you can organize collections of images into albums (e.g., typical family photo albums).


  • Album Viewing - you image collections can be public, private, or simply available to select access control lists.

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