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WebDAV browse feature for ODS users

  • Browse a file content: Virtuoso offers a short way to view ODS user's WebDAV file content. All you need to do is for existing ODS user to access the following url: http://host:port/~<odsuser>/<name of the file>.
    • For ex. if for ODS user demo at there is a file a.rq uploaded in the WebDAV location: DAV/home/demo/, then to view the file you need to access the url:

      --a.rq file content: PREFIX skos: <> PREFIX foaf: <> PREFIX rdfs: <> SELECT ?person ?birth ?name ?description WHERE { ?person dbpedia2:birthPlace <> ; skos:subject <> ; dbpedia2:birth ?birth ; foaf:name ?name ; rdfs:comment ?description . } ORDER BY ?name

  • Browse a folder content: You can also browse the ODS user's WebDAV Public folder by accessing the following url: http://host:port/~<ods-user>/Public. For ex.:

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