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ODS Wiki

ODS Wiki (oWiki) is the Wiki Platform component of ODS, enabling Wiki-style content editing and publishing.

Feature Highlights

Presentation & Content

  • Supports Twiki, Mediawiki (Wikimedia), and Creole markup languages (others to follow)
  • Supports Twiki and Mediawiki plugins
  • Transparent Integration with NNTP based Discussion Platform for Wiki article discussions
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Automatic generation of RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom syndication gems
  • CSS and (X)HTML based page templating

Content Management

  • Optional use of WebDAV for content publishing
  • Atom Publishing Protocol support
  • Automated content replication via rules based content upstreaming
  • Version tracking and revision control for all content
  • Content exports to HTML and Docbook.


  • Powerful Full-Text Search over GData or basic HTTP protocols
  • SPARQL access to Wiki content exposed as RDF Instance Data for SIOC and AtomOWL Ontologies.


  • Access Controls allows the owner of the Wiki instance to decide who can read or update the content
  • Concurrency control via Page Locking
  • Built-in Activity Tracking

Web Services

How Do I ... ?


Quick Start Guides

Wiki Tutorials

Reference Guides

  • Wiki's Programmers Guide

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