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Dump of Blog Posts with "Conversation" Feature Enabled

prefix rdf: <>
prefix sioc: <>
prefix sioct: <>
prefix dct: <>
prefix dcc: <>
select distinct ?forum_name, ?post, ?title, ?mod_time, ?create_time, ?url
from <>
    ?forum rdf:type sioct:Discussion .
    optional{ ?forum sioc:id ?forum_name. FILTER REGEX(?forum_name,".*king*.") }.
    optional{ ?forum sioc:container_of ?post  } .
    optional{ ?post dct:title ?title } .
    optional{ ?post dcc:modified ?mod_time } .
    optional{ ?post dcc:created ?create_time } .
    optional{ ?post sioc:link ?url } .

Sample Data (Live Query Results)

  • Click *Here* for a live SPARQL Query (via SPARQL Protocol) against an ODS Discussion Data Space
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