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Location: / Dashboard / Main / SIOCRefFeedsExample2
Obtaining a dump of all Posts within an ODS-Feeds Data Space.
PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX sioc:   <>
PREFIX sioct: <>
PREFIX dct: <>
PREFIX dcc: <>
SELECT distinct ?forum_name, ?creator,  ?channel, ?item_title, ?url, ?created
        ?forum a sioct:SubscriptionList ;
               sioc:id ?forum_name.
        ?forum sioc:scope_of ?role. 
        ?role sioc:function_of <> .
        ?forum sioc:parent_of ?channel .
        ?channel sioc:container_of ?post .
        optional{?post dct:title ?item_title }.
        optional{ ?post sioc:links_to ?url }.
        optional{ ?post sioc:has_creator ?creator }.
        optional{ ?post dcc:created ?created }
ORDER BY DESC (?created)
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