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Admin Interface Tour

Open the interface by connecting to the Virtuoso Conductor at the default listener of the demo database, normally http://localhost:8890/conductor/.

The following functionality areas may be interesting:

  • Interactive SQL - perform ad hoc queries;
  • WebDAV Administration - view DAV resources, manage their access rights and content;
  • Internet Domains Administration - Create and manage HTTP virtual directories;
  • Database Administration - Create and manage users and group accounts, manage database, edit triggers, stored procedures tables and views, manage external data sources, view statistics, use profiling and many others;
  • Replication & Synchronization - Create and manage replications from type "Basic", "Incremental", "Bidirectional Snapshot" and "Transactional";
  • Linked Data Administration - Perform statistics and manage graphs, import schemas and define namespaces, generated Linked Data Views and upload to the Quad Store;
  • XML Services - Browse through ready-made SQLX reports on data in the demo database;
  • Web Services - See what SOAP end points are defined and what procedures these expose.


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