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Virtuoso 5.0

Core Engine

Virtuoso 5.0 is a significant rewrite of the core Database Engine and the RDF functionality realm in general. Single CPU performance of the database engine has improved between 50 and 100%, multiprocessor performance has in some cases been tripled. The engine rewrite dramatically decreases database engine resource-contention between threads, allowing threads to run on multiple CPUs without inadvertent contention.

RDF Functionality

This Virtuoso functionality realm has been radically enhanced along the following lines:
  • Full Text Indexing of Literal Objects is SPARQL Queries (this includes the magic predicate "bif:contains")
  • Subclass and Subproperty Support (Inferencing)
  • SPARQL Aggregate Functions
  • SPARUL (SPARQL Inserts, Updates, and Deletions)
  • SPARQL Endpoint ("/sparql") is equipped with in-built RDF Middleware that enables none RDF Data Sources (e.g. (X)HTML Pages, Microformats embedded in (X)HTML, and Web Services e.g Googlebase, Flickr, and others) act as bona fide SPARQL Graph URIs
  • Improved Support of XML Schema Type System
  • Enhanced SPARQL to Relational Mapping (RDF VIEWs of SQL Data)
  • Numerous Bug Fixes

OpenLink Data Spaces

Enhancements include:
  • RDF Instance Data for the latest revisoin of the SIOC Ontology.
  • Enhanced Metadata Extractor that produces RDF from non RDF Data Sources (e.g. (X)HTML Pages, Microformats embedded in (X)HTML, and Web Services e.g Googlebase, Flickr, and others). When ODS is intalled the generated Triples are automatically mapped to SIOC
  • Incoroporation of RDF Search into the ODS Search UI (which was Full Text search based only in prior releases)

Important Upgrade Notes

Databases created with earlier versions of Virtuoso will be automatically upgraded to Virtuoso 5.0 but after upgrade will not be readable with older Virtuoso versions.

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