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Virtuoso SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol Support


An application protocol for the distributing, updating and fetching of RDF graph content in a Graph Store via the mechanics of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)


Simplifies use of HTTP operations on RDF graphs which are managed outside of a SPARQL 1.1 graph store.


Virtuoso supports /sparql-graph-crud/ Web Service Endpoint that implements the current draft of W3C SPARQL Graph Update protocol. Both /sparql and /sparql-graph-crud/ endpoints use the same SPARQL user account, so this user should be a member of SPARQL_UPDATE group in order to modify data via Graph Update protocol.

Note that /sparql/ endpoint has /sparql-auth/ variant that uses web authentication. Similarly, /sparql-graph-crud/ has /sparql-graph-crud-auth/ variant. As soon as user is member of SPARQL_UPDATE group, he/she then can modify the stored data via /sparql-graph-crud-auth/ as well as via /sparql-auth/ .

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