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OAuth Test Tool for ODS Controllers

What is it?

The ODS OAuth Test Tool creates examples to show users the correct format for constructing HTTP requests signed according to OAuth specifications. The users use this format in their applications to make successful requests to the ODS REST APIs.

The ODS users generate a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret for their application instances by ODS application UI (Setings -> OAuth Keys). You can find more information and sample scenario here

To reach a specific ODS resource via the ODS REST API, a user must also specify a API method and associated API parameters.

ODS OAuth standards validate the credentials of an external user by means of the digital signature. If the user signs the request, and the ODS server validates the digital signature, the developer is granted access to the requested resource.

How is it accessible?

To tool is accessible via http:/host:port/ods/oauth_test.vsp



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