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Distributed Collaboration Benefits

Rather than build a new silo each time you sign up for a new social media oriented solution, Virtuoso enables you to establish a single sign-on mechanism that becomes your prime conduit to all of your data created across a broad variety of social networks and content management systems. Calendars, Bookmarks, Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Threads etc.. simply become Linked Data Objects (or items) once you tap into Virtuoso data virtualization core

Benefit Feature How
Stong identity for single sign-on and network agnostic security. Standard authentication protocol support that includes: OpenID, OAuth, and FOAF+SSL. Every WebDAV and/or SQL user account is automatically assigns a Personal Identifier that's bound to an X.509 certificate and Private Key combo. The Identifier takes the form of a generic HTTP URI that's usable for OpenID, OAuth, and FOAF+SSL based authentication.

Post account creation you can log into Virtuoso or 3rd party sites using the same Identity; thereby eliminating the need for username and password based authentication when you encounter any of these authentication forms.
Single access point to data resident in disparate content management systems An XML based application component packaging system (a variant of the RPM packaging system). Virtual Application Distros (VADs) and the ability to host all application components with Virtuoso's WebDAV repository (in real or virtual form).
Painlessly adds social media dimensions to current and future In-built middleware for transforming a myriad of data source formats into RDF model based instance data, associated with shared schemas or advanced ontologies. Use the RDF Views Wizard or one of the 30+ Sponger Cartridges to automate the transformation of non RDF model data sources. Only extreme cases require custom code.