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Information & Knowledge Workers [More..]

Distributed Collaboration (Social Media)

Application Developers (horizontal or vertical)

Systems Integrators & Architects [More..]

Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise Agility - Mix & Match best-of-class combinations of Operating Systems, Programming Environments, Database Engines and Data-Access Middleware when building or tweaking your IS infrastructure, without the perennial impedance of vendor-lock-in

  • Data Model Dexterity - by supporting multiple protocols and data models in a single product, it protects you against costly vulnerabilities such as: perennial acquisition and accumulation of expensive data model specific DBMS products that still operate on the fundamental principle of "proprietary technology lock-in" at a time when heterogeneity continues to define technology landscape

  • The most cost-effective option for exploiting emerging frontiers such as socially enhanced enterprise collaboration through its ability to provide single access (and single-signon) to a plethora of Web 2.0 style social networks, Web Services, and Content Management Systems

  • The ability to rapidly assemble 360-degree conceptual views of data across internal line-of-business applications and/or external data sources (unstructured, semi-structured, or fully structured)

  • Unrivaled performance, scalability, without compromising performance.

Courtesy of its distinct multi-model database management system cores, Virtuoso offers a vast array of concrete benefits to a variety of user profiles across public (Web and Internet) and private (Enterprise) networks. Generic benefits include: