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Information & Knowledge Worker Benefits

Virtuoso enables the use of HTTP, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, XMLA compatible desktop productivity tools (Web Browsers, Spreadsheets, Report Writers, BI tools etc.) as client to its native relational (SQL) and/or graph model (RDF) database engines. In addition, you can make a single client connection -- using any of the aforementioned data access mechanism -- to a variety of external databases, enabling federated joins across the tables hosted by these databases.

Benefit Feature How
Make better use of existing line-of-business database management systems via increased (but secure) access from a broad variety of client applications, services, and development environments. High-Performance and secure data access drivers/providers for HTTP, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, and XMLA.

Location aware query optimizer that localizes the execution of aggregate queries and data joins when join members reside in the same external database.
Use the virtual database engine to attach external ODBC and JDBC data sources to Virtuoso. Once attached, you perform queries across the attached Tables just as you would with native tables.
Holistic 360 degree views atop external data sources (native and external). Support for conceptual model oriented data access to heterogeneous data sources via standards such as RDF (Resource Description Framework) and .NET Entity Frameworks. Use Virtuoso's RDF Views or .NET Entity Frameworks to map the logical model oriented ODBC or JDBC data to conceptual model views that become points of subsequent data access via HTTP, SPARQL (RDF), or Entity SQL (Entity Frameworks).