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Virtuoso Mail Services

Email is an integral part of corporate and personal experience globally, and so are the challenges that it introduces: spam filtering, content indexing, content querying, and integration with other data formats.

Virtuoso provides a secure, flexible and scalable, mail sink (storage driver) for the leading SMTP servers. This enables your mail server to store emails in Virtuoso's database engine as opposed to operating system directories. By implication this means that your emails are stored and indexed with a full blown DBMS Engine.

As Virtuoso also provides storage for XML, SQL, and Free Text, it means your mail data is available for integration and repurposing via other areas of functionality covered by Virtuoso (e.g. SQL-XML, XSLT transformations to a variety of current and emerging XML formats etc.). You can also leverage database triggers for post mail storage scanning of email content, which is extremely helpful when fighting spam and viruses. Virtuoso also enables you to integrate 3rd-party Spam filters alongside custom database hosted spam filters that you may have developed.

By supporting RFC POP3 (with IMAP support in development) your Virtuoso hosted mails are available to any email clients that support POP3. You simply identify Virtuoso as the POP3 server at configuration time. By having POP3 retrieval hosted in a DBMS engine, you have the additional benefit of being able to filter Spam and Viruses at mail client retrieval time. You can even configure automatic notification based on matching Free Text Search or XPATH conditions on incoming email.

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