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Virtuoso Universal Server is a best-in-class middleware product. Virtuoso is a standards-based single server solution for Web Services, XML and Database application integration, development and deployment.

Web Service Platform

Built-in support for SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WS-Security and other web services protocols, allows Virtuoso to host and publish XML Web Services that are automatically generated from SQL Stored Procedures, Microsoft .Net, Java, Perl, Python, PHP and other environments. Therefore you never need to re-write "time-tested" code simply because you choose to expose aspects of your internal application logic as publicly or privately consumable Web Services.

XML Database

The industry-wide acceptance and elegant extensibility of XML make it the technology of choice for today's integrated information systems. Virtuoso's XML database provides storage and data access to XML data ranging from highly structured to free form un-structured documents. The XML database capabilities in Virtuoso provides a rich assortment of technologies for storing, querying, transforming and generating XML including transformation of XML documents from SQL on the fly, support for XSLT, XQuery, Free Text, XML Schema, Xquery Mapping schema and support for the XMLtype Datatype and emerging SQLX standard.

Virtual Database

Virtuoso's industry-acclaimed Virtual Database engine enables you to homogenize heterogeneous data sources. Connections can be made to ODBC or JDBC-accessible databases from a variety of vendors, but retain the appearance of working with a single homogenous SQL RDBMS. Likewise, datasources can be viewed as XML or create custom datasources that combine data from independent SQL and XML data sources.

Object-Relational Database

The Virtuoso native relational database is a high performance SQL-92 compliant engine which includes support for SQL 200n style objects as standalone data in procedures and as column data types. The Virtuoso Object System supports single inheritance, late binding, polymorphism and persistence of objects as column values in SQL tables. The Virtuoso relational database also includes support for Row Level Security, Regular Expressions and support for 64 Bit file sizes.

Web Application Server

Support for WebDAV allows you to develop complete Web Solutions that are hosted entirely within an object-relation database management system as apposed to a File system based direction structure. In addition, HTTP support provides you with direct URI-based access to any of the Web Content that makes up your solution. This includes 3rd party components such as ASP .Net, JSP, Python, and Perl Files.

Content Replication and Synchronization

Virtuoso Content Replication and Synchronization provides a powerful mechanism to distribute and automate replication and synchronization of all hosted data. Data can be replicated or synchronized with other Virtuoso servers; database servers from 3rd party ODBC-accessible database vendors or HTTP to Virtuoso WebDAV repositories. Thus, all the assets that comprise your solution can be cost-effectively synchronized across remote location or load-sharing hosts as well as supplement disaster-recovery plans by duplicating data from a local database server to a remote database server without costly human installation and maintenance.

Discussion Server

Virtuoso Discussion provides NNTP support that includes linking third-party NNTP servers into Virtuoso and creation of free-text searches on newsgroup data.

Mail Services

Virtuoso includes SMTP Server storage/sink drivers for all major SMTP servers making it possible to host mailboxes inside the database as opposed to a conventional file system. Mail hosted in Virtuoso is accessible to any email client for retrieval using POP3 (with IMAP4 support in development). These features also enable custom database-driven anti-spaml filter development and integration of 3rd party anti-spam filter modules.