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Native Application Server

In addition to its own dynamic database-driven web pages capabilities, Virtuoso is also capable of acting as the host and deployment server for ASP.NET, PHP4, and Java ServerPages applications. It achieves this through transparent integration (hosting) with the native application server-engines associated with the rective dynamic web page formats.

As a result of this capability, ASP.NET applications are no longer inextricably linked with IIS servers at deployment time under Windows. Thus, you can now develop .aspx-based dynamic web solutions and then deploy them via Virtuoso. It also important to note that since ASP.NET is a Microsoft .NET Framework that has also been implemented as part of the Open Source and cross-platform .NET CLR and Frameworks project called "Mono", it is now possible to deploy your ASP.NET applications on Linux even though your development occurred on Windows. Naturally, as Mono ports increase across other platforms, so will the deployment choices for your ASP.NET applications as aresult of Virtuoso's Mono runtime-hosting functionality. This capability also applies to PHP4 and Java Server Pages.