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Discussion & Weblog Services

News and discussions forums from around the world are available in different forms, from RSS, RDF, ATOM feeds to NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) Usenet Groups. As we rapidly move towards a more semantic World Wide Web, there is a natural increase in the need to integrate data that reside in Usenet discussion threads, Blog posts and Wikis. This will also increasingly include integration with other Virtuoso resident or Virtuoso accessible data such as emails, reports, SQL tables, Web Services etc.

Virtuoso's News Services is a NNTP based server that provides fast access to Internet (Usenet) news groups with a simple interface for creating, administering and accessing NNTP newsgroups. Virtuoso News Services enable integration of multiple news forums whether they reside in an internal corporate intranet or externally on the internet.

More than just a NNTP news reader, Virtuoso News Services dynamically indexes newsgroups to provide keyword search across multiple forums.

Virtuoso is also a full blown Weblog Engine that supports all the Weblog Posting APIs (Blogger, Meta-Weblog, Moveable Type, ATOM), it also provides blog and usenet post data for syndication using ATOM or any of the RSS dialects (0.91, 1.0, and 2.0).