Faceted Views over Large-Scale Linked Data

Orri Erling,

Program Manager, Virtuoso Development Team,

OpenLink Software.

Dimensions of Web Usage

The Challenges

It Is Not Only About The Warehouse

It Is Not Only About Publishing Your Data


The lod.openlinksw.com Demo

If OpenLink does not host it with enough capacity or the right data, you can procure your own infrastructure and get the software from us. From now on, anybody who chooses can be a search and analytics player.



Text Search

Run Time Taxonomies

Run Time Identity

Entity Ranking

Entity Name Service

Virtuoso Anytime Query Feature

The LOD Cloud Faceted Search, Find, and Lookup Services


Some Performance Data


Rent of Buy?

To Handle 10 GT 100% in RAM or 50 GT With Decent Working Set:

* April 2009 US retail prices