Linked Data Virtualization

Linked Data Driven Data Virtualization

for Web-scale Integration

Orri Erling
Program Manager, Virtuoso

Situation Analysis

What is Linked Data?

The Linked Data Landscape

The Linked Open Data Cloud

Linked Data Virtualization

What Linked Data Offers for Data Integration

RDF vs. Relational

Incentives for Publishing

Models for Publishing

If one publishes data - whether as a product, for promotion, or regulatory compliance - RDF/Linked Data is attractive because of a critical mass of reusable terms and a ready base of technology. As more data is published, the link density increases, leading to more novel ways of deriving value from the data.

Use Case: CRM and MIS

Use Case: The Neurocommons

Use Case: The Neurocommons

Bio2RDF - some of the larger datasets

Bio2RDF - some of the larger datasets

Use Case: BBC Programs and Music Service

Use Case: Linked Open Data Cloud Service

The Generations of the Web