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Virtuoso Universal Server

Process Management and Integration (BPEL)

Web based business processes need to adapt and communicate with other services or partners at the drop of a hat. Obsolete paradigms of low-level application code calling custom communications for inter-partner processes isolate data and information. These proprietary processes are hard to document and difficult to understand, even a short time after they are put into production.

The Web Services paradigm allows for loosely coupled integration of heterogeneous data sources for business-to-consumer(B2C), business-to-business(B2B) and enterprise application integration. However, todays global enterprises systems integration requires more than the ability to conduct simple interactions by using standard protocols.

What is needed is a high-level of process abstraction to control communication and long-running intersystem processes and allows for the full potential of Web Services as an integration platform to be realized by using a using a standard process integration model.

BPEL or BPEL4WS (BPEL for Web Services) defines this model and is a medium for creating composite WSDL processes with the added benefit of process coordination with partners thus allowing composition of web services that provide a process oriented approach to SOA. BPEL, is an XML-based language standardized by the OASIS consortium for formally describing business processes.

A BPEL process specifies how to orchestrate existing Web Services, by defining interactions between partners and sending messages to execute tasks or buisness functions. BPEL makes it possible to orchestrate those Web Services into a services composed of all the other services.

Virtuoso Universal Server is a native BPEL engine and process manager that is cable of executing deployed business described in BPEL by orchestrating existing Web Services via WSDL end-points. The OpenLink Process manager integrates, monitors, reports, and signals process alerts. With the Virtuoso VDB engine, you have all the capabilities you need to execute, debug and manage BPEL processes.

Business Process Integration Benefits

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