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Professional Services

Our Professional Services team leverages our expertise in development and deployment of Database Connectivity Middleware. Our prime objective is to ensure the success of your organization as it embarks upon organization-, division-, and department-wide initiatives centered around Database Connectivity Middleware and related technologies.

OpenLink Software offers high quality professional services covering the following areas:


OpenLink Software provides a comprehensive suite of training courses covering ODBC, JDBC, Client-Server Computing, and Distributed Computing. These courses include OpenLink product specific and non-OpenLink product specific courses.

Courses Currently Available:

  • OpenLink Universal Data Access Middleware for Administrators and System Integrators

For general booking information details please see our contact page.


OpenLink Software provides 4 forms of Consultancy in relation to Database Connectivity Technology:

  • Strategic Consultancy
    This addresses ODBC, JDBC, Client-Server, Distributed Computing, Internet/Intranet/Extranet related issues as a whole from an objective and strategic perspective. For more information on Strategic Consultancy please click here.
  • Product Specific Consultancy
    This form of Consultancy is subjective and product specific in nature. It covers Implementation, Configuration and Tuning of the relevant OpenLink products that you have acquired. For more information on Product Specific Consultancy please click here.
  • Custom Development
    This form of Consultancy typically involves OpenLink consultants developing product prototypes or full blown ODBC/JDBC/UDBC based solutions on behalf of the client. This service is offered on a contract basis only. For more information on Custom Development please click here.
  • Quickstart Days
    For evaluators of any OpenLink Software product we offer a special day of Consultancy which will accelerate your understanding of the product(s) acquired, their relevance and potential utilization within your infrastructure. For more information on Quickstart Days please click here.

For further information on our Consultancy Services please contact us.

Technology Implementation & Deployment Services

OpenLink Software also provides technology implementation and deployment services. These services involve OpenLink consultants taking full responsibility for the implementation and roll out of ODBC/JDBC/UDBC based solutions across one or more sites within your organization.

If you are interested in any of these services, simply fill out our online professional services enquiry form, and an OpenLink professional services consultant will be in touch with you shortly after the form is completed and sent to us.

For further information on our Technology Implementation & Deployment Services please complete the following Enquiry Form

Contact OpenLink Professional Services:

OpenLink Offices

OpenLink Software

OpenLink Software (US Office)

Covering North, South, & Central America, the Caribbean, and Japan

OpenLink Software, Inc.
10 Burlington Mall Road,
Suite 265,
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel.: +1 781 273 0900
Fax: +1 781 229 8030

OpenLink Software (UK Office)

Covering Europe, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, Asia & Middle East and all other regions


OpenLink Software (UK) Ltd.
Suite 273, Airport House, ,
Purley Way
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (0)20 8681 7701
Fax: +44 (0)20 8681 7702