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Relational Database Engine

Virtuoso includes a powerful native high-performance and scalable relational database for data represented as relational tables and/or RDF property/predicate graphs. It handles online transaction processing (local or distributed) and decision support (business analytics and data warehousing) in the manner expected of any enterprise grade RDBMS engine. Key features include:

  • Column-wise and Row-wise Physical Storage Modalities

  • SQL-92 and SQL 3.0 support

  • SQL extensions for SPARQL, XPath/XQuery, in-built XSLT processor, in-built XML Schema validator

  • SQL extensions for Transitive Closures, SPARQL within SQL

  • User Defined Types

  • Anytime Query -- where configurable response times are assigned to queries

  • Stored Procedures and Stored Procedure Views (also known as Table Value Functions) & Triggers

  • Full Text Indexing, Queries, and Triggers

  • Geo Spatial Indexing and Queries (SPARQL & SQL)

  • Compatible with XA compliant TP Monitors for Distributed Transactions Processing

  • Row Level Security (SQL)

  • Attribute-based Access Controls (SPARQL & RDF)

  • Cluster Mode that delivers Horizontal Partitioning and Parallel Task Execution

  • Incremental Online Backups

  • High Availability (Failsafe) Functionality for Cluster Configurations

  • High-Performance ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET (Entity Frameworks compatible), OLE DB, and XMLA data providers / drivers

  • Multi-protocol based Authentication (Digest, OpenID, OAuth, WebID-TLS).