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Replication and Synchronization Server

Virtuoso Replication Services are a tool for distributing consistent and timely data within distributed information systems, , avoiding dependence on centralized hubs and single points of failure. Safety, consistency, and flexibility are all reasons for using Virtuoso's replication services.

Virtuoso replicates and synchronizes data between servers using a variety of replication modes, including:

  • Bi-directional table replication. Virtuoso as a hub, supervising replication events between groups of MS SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 databases. Virtuoso will initiate data transfer and resolve possible update conflicts.

  • Disseminating periodically changing data between heterogeneous relational databases. Almost any ODBC/JDBC accessible database can be a source or recipient of such data.

  • Keeping Virtuoso WebDAV repositories in sync between Virtuoso installations.

  • Keeping Virtuoso servers in real-time sync for load balancing or hot standby situations. This is based on real-time log shipping, thus will also work for intermittently connected systems.

  • Sharing mobile data through SyncML. The Virtuoso SyncML server has pluggable logic for format conversions between common mobile formats such as Vcard and Vcalendar.

These replication modes function reliably with a constant or periodic connection to the network. Nodes will automatically synchronize upon reconnection.

A web based interface or Virtuoso/PL statements are used for defining publications, subscriptions, and synchronization intervals.


  • Replication and Synchronization Services PDF & HTML

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