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Runtime Hosting

Virtuoso is a run-time hosting vehicle for web services application logic written in Java, .NET and many popular web scripting environments.

Hosting Java and .NET CLR virtual machines within Virtuoso creates freedom of choice for new or pre-existing business logic.

.NET or Java classes in Virtuoso are treated as native SQL 99 classes, and may be stored in database tables and called from SQL completely within the Virtuoso environment. Hosted code may run in a secure sandbox or have access to the operating system or network. Import complete .NET or Java class hierarchies with simple SQL statements or via the web-based interface. All methods may be directly called from SQL or exposed as web services.

Application logic hosted within Virtuoso uses an in-process client for accessing Virtuoso's database (and virtual database) capabilities. This integrated language hosting eliminates inter-process latencies commonly found in application servers connected to DBMS systems in N-tiier configurations. Virtuoso uses the ECMA Mono open source CLR implementation for Non-Windows operating systems, allowing MS and ASMX web services to be re-used and deployed on a non-Windows server platform.

Dynamic web pages in PHP, JSP, PERL, Ruby on Rails and Python can also be hosted in Virtuoso. These environments are not currently mapped as SQL user defined types, however, future versions of Virtuoso may create support for these environments as native SQL datatypes.

Run time hosting increases efficiency and protects your investment in code and skilled labor. Head off the lock-in of expensive migrations by using Virtuoso's cross-platform language run-time. Now the advantages of placing .NET into production is no longer restricted to the world of Windows and SQL Server 2005.