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Systems Integrator Benefits

A powerful workbench for basic or complex data access and integration projects, courtesy of broad industry standards support and inherent platform independence. Virtuoso orients you data integration activity focus away from unpredictable "hub and spoke" style programming, towards data modelling and orchestration. Fundamentally, your tasks boil down to: identifying data sources, linking/attaching said data sources to the virtual database engine, and deriving virtual SQL-Relational or SPARQL-Conceptual views to which all subsequent data access activities are then targeted. Naturally, when Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations against your virtualized substrate are required, your prime activity takes the form of REST based client-server communication patterns or Remote Procedure Calls (SOAP based Web Services, Virtuoso Stored Procedures, or 3rd party Stored Procedures).

Benefit Feature How
Reduce project risk and reputation preservation. You are only as good as your last successful project. Custom code introduces undue risk when it comes to project completion times. Vitual Database Engine that supports access and integration across Relational, Graph, Hierarchical, and Document model databases. Link disparate data sources into Virtuoso and then turn you data integration effort into a data orchestration activity with very thin layers of code where necessary.a
Increase project margains. Writing less custom code at a time when fixed cost projects are the norm, is ultimately very expensive and a sure way to shrink margins. In-built Data Access Middleware for integrating accross SOAP oriented Web Services (SOA) and Web Oriented Architecture style services based on RESTful interactin patterns. Associate Web Services and Resources with Virtuoso's in-built middleware layer, and then make it the focal point of data access and integration.