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Virtuoso Virtual Database

Virtuoso's core is a pioneering Virtual Database Engine that uses industry-standard data-access technologies to provide transparent access to disparate SQL, XML, Free Text and other data sources. Data location is an integral part of Virtuosoƕs distributed query optimizations. Virtuoso hides SQL dialect differences across external databases. Applications, data, and the developer see a unified query syntax and structure. Queries and stored procedures may span an arbitrary number of databases. Virtuoso can use two phase commit to insure data integrity across federated databases. A single ODBC-, ADO. Net-, JDBC- or OLE DB-client connection to Virtuoso can connect you transparently to tables hosted in multiple .NET-, ODBC- or JDBC-accessible databases.

Virtuoso Virtual Database provides the following benefits:

  • Transparently access heterogeneous database with a single client and login, using a single SQL-92 compliant language.
  • Policy based security for data access, providing fine grained, row level control over what data users will see and/or update. These measures are transparent, taken and enforced by Virtuoso, alleviating the need for policy based security on backend database systems.
  • Replication between Virtuoso and other DBMS's., Bi-directional replication is supported between Virtuoso and Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.

Virtuoso imposes virtually no performance overhead when deployed as an intermediary; SQL operations are passed to remote databases unchanged whenever possible. Processing distributed queries via Virtuoso is more efficient than at the application server layer, as Virtuoso adds intelligent path optimization and advanced hash join techniques.

Java or .NET hosting with Virtuoso is more efficient than typical application server processes. This application logic is accessible through Virtuoso's web services protocols suite.

Virtuoso is a distributed transaction client or resource manager for MS DTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator). Virtuoso is an XA compliant resource manager.

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