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Web Application Server

Virtual Server and File System by Selective Partition

URL's are now the way to reference documents and applications for truly universal access by internal and external clients. Everything, whether it is a physical document or a database report, needs to have a URL. Virtuoso WebDAV is a powerful file server for applications and client operating systems that support WebDAV. For example, Windows XP and Mac OSX allow mounting WebDAV servers as remote file systems. In this manner applications and desktops can transparently manipulate data in the Virtuoso DAV.

Virtuoso has a highly advanced Authoring and Versioning repository capable of hosting static and dynamic content:

  • Virtuoso dynamic VSP and VSPX web pages, stored SQL/SQLX queries, as well as PHP, ASP, or .NET pages
  • WebDAV resources belong to centrally managed - SQL accounts and roles and access control lists can be used for fine-grained security.
  • Server-wide URL namespace can be mapped and managed across multiple HTTP listeners, providing isolation and HTTPS access.
  • These WebDAV resources are stored in a relational table, making it easy for applications to programmatically use WebDAV resources.
  • DAV resources benefit from VirtuosoÕs core database power including backup, transaction logs, and replication.
  • Text and XML resources are automatically indexed in the repositoryÕs full text index for fast retrieval.
  • Version control can be enabled for selected resources, providing a full version history.

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