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Virtuoso Web Services Platform

Virtuoso enables you to effectively manage your strategy of transition to emerging architectures, such as Service Oriented and Event Driven Architectures.

Virtuoso is a Web Services powerhouse, with push-button creation of built-in WSDL, SOAP, UDDI WS-Security, and Web Services functions.

Web Services is the technology of choice for creating integrated applications from scratch, or reengineering monolithic systems that have settled in place.. Virtuoso exposes existing application logic for external consumption via the Web - an ideal path to making the transition to open interoperability.

Virtuoso Web Services support enables you to publish existing application logic modules as SOAP- and WSDL-compliant Web Services without re-writing existing code - a pain in the best of cases, and a source of bugs.

Virtuoso exposes SQL stored procedures, Java and .net classes as web services, takes care of WSDL generation, data  serialization and deserialization, security and all aspects of the SOA network plumbing.

When was the last time you were able to run .NET Code on a Unix Application Server? Virtuoso Universal Server can

Creating SOAP and WSDL compliant Web Services from existing application logic is simple with Virtuoso:

  • Identify (via browser-based admin. UI) SQL Stored Procedures, Java Classes, .NET Assemblies, or C/C++ modules implementing the functionality in question.
  • Use the HTML UI to generate a WSDL file and SOAP invocation wrappers for the application logic
  • Use Virtuoso's HTTP Server functionality to create a Virtual Directory that acts an execution endpoint for your Web Service
  • Test the new Web Service by interacting directly with an HTML based Web Service verification page
  • Proceed to using your newly created service with an Web Service aware development tool, environment, or service
  • Register your newly created service with Virtuoso's in-built UDDI Server, and then advertise your service internally or externally to service consumers.

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