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Virtuoso XML Database

Virtuoso's XML Tour de Force explained:

Where is all the XML? Virtuoso creates XML from relational data. Get Ready to Liberate Your Data. It's that simple.

Virtuoso's SQL creates native XML data from relational data using SQLX extensions. Mapping schemas allow presenting joins of tables as XML entity hierarchies. These 'virtual documents' can be queried with XPATH which is translated to SQL to retrieve the relevant data and generate the XML on demand:

  • XML Data Storage - Columns store native XML. A special form of full text indexing is available for efficient retrieval of content with a special XPATH SQL predicate. While a mapping schema deals with rendering native relational data into XML as needed, this mechanism deals with retrieving native XML data in SQL.
  • XQuery - Unified querying of structured and unstructured data - Virtuoso implements the emerging XQuery standard. This is a powerful language providing a single point of access to XML data whether it is stored natively as XML data, as relational data mapped to XML with a schema, or as remote XML content.

Virtuoso provides a broad range of functions for processing XML with extended SQL functions, including SQLX functions for creating XML, XSLT 1.2 for transformation, XPATH and XQuery, and DOM for manipulating XML trees.

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