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2015-02-11: Virtuoso 7.2.0 Released, Open Source and Commercial Editions

Virtuoso 7.2.0 includes various fixes and improvements including loosely-coupled SSL/TLS, improved LDP support, WebDAV access to 3rd party storage services, file system hosted virtual tables, loosely-coupled Sponger Middleware services, SPARQL-FED remote service evaluation.

Learn more about Virtuoso 7.2.0... or download it now, either Open Source or Commercial Edition!

2014-02-17: New VOS 7.1.0 Released

Virtuoso 7.1.0 includes improvements in the Engine (SQL Relational Tables and RDF Property/Predicate Graphs); Geo-Spatial support; SPARQL compiler; Jena and Sesame provider performance; JDBC Driver; Conductor CA root certificate management; WebDAV; and the Faceted Browser.

2013-12-10: New VOS 6.1.8 Released

Virtuoso 6.1.8 includes improvements in the engine; SPARQL compiler optimisations; improvements in client RPC layer; performance improvements in Jena and Sesame providers; new Conductor WebDAV user interface; improved navigation controls for the Faceted Browser.

Learn more about VOS 6.1.8... or download it now!

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