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About OpenLink Virtuoso

Conceptually, Virtuoso provides a “Data Junction Box” that drives enterprise and individual agility by deriving a Semantic Web of Linked Data from existing data silos.

Technically, Virtuoso is a modern enterprise-grade solution for data access, virtualization, integration and multi-model relational database management (SQL Tables and/or RDF Statement Graphs).

Virtuoso’s hybrid server architecture enables the development and deployment of unique solutions to contemporary challenges associated with:

  • Systems of Intelligence via Disparate Data Virtualization — resulting in public and/or private semantic webs of linked data across traditional line-of-business (or systems of record) applications (e.g., CRM, HR, ERP, SRP, Accounting etc.), comtemporary Web Applications (e.g., activity streams oriented systems of engagement), and other intelligence oriented solutions
  • Not-Only-SQL (NoSQL) Data Management — leveraging the full power of relational model abstraction by supporting data management where entity relationship types (data) are represented as relational tables or RDF statement graphs
  • Enterprise Agility via Artificial Intelligence exploitation — leveraging declarative reasoning and inference capability that exposes cognitive computing as part of core RDBMS functionality
  • Web Application Deployment — that supports virtualization of disparate actions across a variety of APIs associated with Web Services .
  • Data Privacy & Security — via use of fine-grained attribute-based access controls to deliver unrivaled data access and manipulation security via using existing open standards such as TLS and HTTPS
  • Maximizing investments in legacy systems — protects ability to mix and match “best of class” solutions by ensuring all core functionality is based on existing open standards (URI, URL, HTTP, SPARQL, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLEDB, XMLA, XQuery, XPath, XSLT).