Frequently Asked Questions

Virtuoso in General

What is the Virtuoso strategy to scale? Is it possible to start small and then add servers if needed?
Yes. You start with Single-Server which scales up to more than 100 billion RDF triples and then migrate to the Elastic Cluster Edition if your scalability demands exceed what's offered by single-server instances.
How do I attach ODBC- or JDBC-accessible Tables to Virtuoso?
Any ODBC- or JDBC-accessible table can be attached to Virtuoso using SQL Attach Statements or the visual HTML-based Conductor Admin Interface
How do I use R2RML to map RDB to RDF with Virtuoso?
You can use the HTML-based R2RML Wizard or upload existing R2RML documents for processing using Virtuoso's native R2RML processor
How do I use Virtuoso to deploy Linked Data to the Web?
By leveraing its built-in support for HTTP and deployment of RDF using Linked Data Principles. This boils down to loading RDF and/or attaching native or external 3rd party DBMS hosted tables and then exposing to interaction endpoints for SPARQL, Faceted Search & Browsing, or Hyperlinks that provide fine-grained entity names
How do I Generate and Deploy RDF-based Linked Data from Tables in a Relational Database?
Virtuoso's HTML-based Admin Interface ('The Conductor') provides a one-click interface for generating RDF-Views that are deployed using Linked Data principles from relational database tables.