Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud Connectors Pricing

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What are users/concurrent sessions?
Maximum number of concurrent connections available to any number of user and device network address combinations. For instance, a 5 concurrent sessions license sets up a connection pool for 5 shared by any number of user and device combinations.
What is CPU Affinity?
CPU Affinity is the maximum number of CPU Cores applies to multi-threaded operations. If you had a machine with 32 CPU cores, a 4 CPU license would allocate up to 4 CPUs for multithreaded operations.
Do Virtual and Physical Cores count towards CPU Affinity?
Yes, virtual and physical cores both contribute to the total CPU Cores count.
Are licenses transferable?
Yes, but you cannot have duplicates of the same license copied across serveral machines i.e., the License Manager will flag such license terms violations and stop instances from running.
Are licenses host operating system-specific?
Entry-level licenses are platform indepenedent. Platform-specific options are available for custom and enterprise license requests.
What is a License File?
A Digitally Signed ASN.1 document that's processed by the License Manager to determine software behavior.

Refund Policy

You are strongly encouraged to evaluate our products prior to purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for orders placed through these systems. If there is ANY question of what license you need, please allow our Support Team to assist you, prior to purchase.