OpenLink Simplifies Data Access Driver and Database Engine Benchmarking

Burlington, MA, March 3, 2003 - OpenLink Software, Inc., a leading provider of Universal Data Access and Enterprise Information Integration middleware, announces the release of OpenLink ODBC Bench and OpenLink JDBC Bench under the GPL Open Source license.

These cross platform, Open Source benchmarking utilities enable users to produce their own local empirical data for objective comparison and analysis of the performance and scalability of ODBC and JDBC Drivers, underlying database engines, and host operating systems. Each utility enables concurrent single- and multi-threaded benchmarks across chosen Drivers, with a real-time visualization of the entire benchmark run. All benchmark results can be saved to an ODBC or JDBC compliant database of choice and/or an XML file. In addition, thanks to the Open Source release, Benchmark methods may be examined directly, and any additional benchmarks may be added to these tools.

Both products are available for immediate download and use on Windows®, Mac® OS X, Linux®, and UNIX® (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Compaq True64, FreeBSD, and others).

'These benchmark tools enable anyone to produce empirical performance data, on an objective basis, en route to determining the preferred combination of drivers, databases, and operating systems that best suits their needs,' said Kingsley Idehen, President & CEO of OpenLink Software.

'Obtaining objective performance figures for standards-based data access drivers has been difficult at best to date, and to a significant degree, this difficulty has compromised the fundamental importance of standards compliance in this realm. Our willingness to invest significant time and resources in the production of these tools, and then deliver them in Open Source format under the GPL license, demonstrates our continued leadership in this market segment,' he added.

OpenLink ODBC Bench and OpenLink JDBC Bench are now available for download from OpenLink's web site http//

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