Virtuoso Univeral Server 6.1 Unleashed!

Innovative virtual data server for heterogeneous access & integration across silos

Burlington, MA. Wednesday, February 22, 2010 - OpenLink Software, Inc., technology leader in the development and deployment of secure, high-performance universal data access, management and integration middleware, announces the immediate availability of version 6.1 of its industry-acclaimed hybrid data server, OpenLink Virtuoso.

The new product release is available in closed source and open source editions, providing a cross-platform workbench for addressing mounting pressures arising from Data Silos in areas such as Web 2.0, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0, Clouding Computing, and Enterprise Line of Business Applications.

Leveraging its strong data access middleware and integration heritage, Virtuoso is a cost-effective solution that enables:

Leadership Inspiring an Industry

"The intersection of highly connected individuals, enterprises, social media, user generated content, and challenging world-wide economies, demands new thinking regarding the architecture of data management, access, and integration solutions. Everyone needs to achieve more with less while dealing with the perpetual process of agility calibration. Thus, solutions must be loosely coupled across data access, representation, presentation, and storage layers, ensuring zero-vendor-lock-in at all levels," said Kingsley Idehen, OpenLink Software's President & CEO.

"Virtuoso 6.1 once again showcases OpenLink Software's middleware leadership, highlighting our penchant for delivering pragmatic solutions that solve real problems with industry standards," he added.

"The pursuit of agility via ad-hoc reporting is how the Relational Database came to prominence in the mid '80s. Today the same pursuits remain, but the underlying data substrate has changed so much that the schema-first oriented capabilities of the Relational Database no longer suffice," said Orri Erling, Virtuoso Program Manager at OpenLink Software.

"The data access and modeling capabilities of the RDF graph model, combined with the hypermedia-oriented data access purity of the HTTP protocol, deliver a much better solution for today's challenges, at the personal, enterprise, and Web levels," he added.

Virtuoso 6.1 is available for download on a free evaluation basis from the product web site location: .

Product pricing starts at: $499 .

About OpenLink Software

OpenLink Software is a privately-held software company with offices in the USA and the United Kingdom. It has been the leading provider and technology innovator in the universal data access middleware market since 1993, and over 10,000 companies currently use its products worldwide. For more information, follow OpenLink on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook, or visit our website.


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