OpenLink Unleashes Linked-Data-Driven Platform for Semantically Enhanced Data Virtualization

Virtuoso 6.2 Delivers Smart, Cross-Platform, High-Performance Data Virtualization across Heterogeneous Data Sources

BURLINGTON, MA. -- September 22, 2010 -- OpenLink Software, Inc., the pioneer and technology leader in high-performance data virtualization, today introduced the newest version of the Virtuoso Universal Server, which provides a cost-effective, secure, cross-platform, and high-performance solution to the perennial problems of transparent access, integration, and management of heterogeneous data sources. In this new release, the basic means of access becomes a hyperlink, enabling immediate exploitation of virtualized data through a Web browser or any other HTTP-compatible application or service, in addition to the long-supported data access mechanisms of ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, and XMLA.

The Data Silos Problem

The exponential growth of the Internet and World Wide Web continues to increase the artificial partitioning of data across structurally heterogeneous and disparately located silos. Compounding this problem, enterprise data silos continue to expand due to the proliferation of application- and SOA-based services. Addressing these challenges requires a new data-oriented virtualization technology that delivers "data junction boxes" at both the logical and conceptual data access and management levels, without locking users or organizations into specific application servers, application development platforms and languages, operating systems, database management systems, data access protocols, or data representation formats.

How Virtuoso Solves the Data Silos Problem

Virtuoso delivers an unrivaled platform for real-time access to and integration of relational databases, web services, and structured and semi-structured Web content, without compromising security. Based on a massively-scalable, hybrid-model database engine for relational- (e.g., SQL) and graph- (e.g., RDF) model data, Virtuoso's features include --

Unobtrusive and Cost-Effective Innovation

One key benefit of Virtuoso's powerful feature set is the ability to use conventional data access patterns (spreadsheet-oriented rows and columns, database tables, analytics-oriented multi-dimensional cubes & pivots, network-oriented entity models, etc.) over unstructured and semi-structured data sources including web sites, web content, web services, as well as structured data sources such as traditional databases (relational and graph). Most importantly, all of this is achieved without disrupting ongoing activities or requiring full-scale infrastructure reimplementation.

"Conceptual-level access to heterogeneous data, across disparately located data sources, remains the biggest impediment to enterprise and individual agility," said Kingsley Idehen, Founder & CEO, OpenLink Software. "Virtuoso 6.2 delivers a powerful 'data virtualization' solution for entity-oriented data access & management that reflects 18 years of passion, innovation, and leadership at OpenLink Software," he added.

"The new release introduces change sensitive end-to-end mapping from remote ODBC/JDBC accessible SQL data sources all the way to Virtuoso's Native RDF Quad Store for powerful data discovery and integration," said Orri Erling, Virtuoso Program Manager, OpenLink Software.

Putting Virtuoso to Work for You

As always, current versions of Virtuoso are available for immediate download and free evaluation.

Through December 31, 2010, all Commercial licenses for Virtuoso are available for half their normal price, which puts an entry-level Workstation license at $499, and offers significant savings for all deployments through to the highest-end, enterprise-grade Cluster Edition.

Virtuoso also continues to be available in Open Source form (which does not include support for GeoSpatial Data, Virtualization of Remote ODBC- and JDBC-accessible Data Sources, Clustering and High Availability, or Data Replication).

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