OpenLink Delivers Enterprise-Grade Web-Scale Data Virtualization for Big Data Clouds

Virtuoso Uses Hyperlink Driven Data Virtualization to Transform Big Data Challenges into Smart Data Opportunities

BURLINGTON, MA. -- June 5th, 2012 -- OpenLink Software, Inc., a pioneer and technology leader in high-performance and platform-agnostic data virtualization, announces the immediate availability of version 6.4 of the Virtuoso Universal Server. Virtuoso provides a cost-effective, secure, cross-platform, and high-performance solution for transparent access, integration, and management of heterogeneous data sources. In this latest release, Virtuoso simplifies the use of data virtualization to turn big data inertia into smart data agility, without compromising its open, secure, and high-performance platform pedigree.

Using Hyperlinks To Conduct Data Through A Powerful Data Junction Box

Virtuoso provides a natural conceptual view over heterogeneous data sources, intricately woven through with the use of hyperlinks, to existing applications that use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and its cousins (JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, and XMLA). Rather than being constrained by the ever increasing variety of enterprise SOA-style services, Web 2.0 APIs, and propriety RDBMS APIs, Virtuoso provides a simple entity-based data view atop these disparate sources and data access mechanisms. As a result, data interaction is driven by navigation of an entity relationship Web that incorporates the same "deceptive simplicity" commonly exploited by the World Wide Web.

Once exposed as conceptual-model-oriented entities, data from relational data sources (such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sybase, etc.) is easily recombined (or meshed) with data from social media services such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and more than 75 Web 2.0 APIs and data formats. All of this is exploitable via existing SQL-oriented business intelligence tools (report writers, spreadsheets, etc.) and HTTP-based clients (such as Web browsers).

"Once you've installed Virtuoso, realizing immediate benefits of entity oriented data virtualization require zero lines of code. Simply bind your existing applications and services to ODBC, JDBC, ADO,NET data sources names or resource hyperlinks, and then immediately experience data access and integration re-imagined." said Kingsley Idehen, Founder & CEO, OpenLink Software. "Virtuoso 6.4 is the culmination of pioneering data virtualization technology that dates back to 1997. A strong reiteration of our leadership credentials in the eternally critical areas of data access, integration, and management." he added.

Scalable Ad-hoc Entity Analytics For Big Data

Virtuoso simplifies the application of existing ad-hoc query and analytics patterns to public, private, and combined Big Data clouds. Working with small or massive high-velocity data across disparate sources is handled naturally in a manner that's non-disruptive to existing infrastructure.

"Historically, there have been artificial divides across Semantic Web technologies, Service Oriented Architecture, REST, and Relational Database technology -- all of which Virtuoso lays to rest, without compromising performance, security, or platform flexibility," said Orri Erling, Virtuoso Program Manager, OpenLink Software. "Virtuoso ensures you don't have to rebuild your entire infrastructure from scratch, or embark upon costly software development projects, just because you need to access, integrate, and manage data conceptually," he added.

Core Technology For the Web of Linked Data

Beyond the enterprise, Virtuoso's data integration and management prowess are on display as the core technology behind publicly-accessible services driving Linked Data and Semantic Web endeavors such as DBpedia, the massive (55-Billion+ records, and growing) Linked Open Data Cloud, and many others.

Data Virtualization Without Compromising Security

At Virtuoso's core lies a sophisticated policy-based data access capability that's driven by industry standards such as X.509, SSL/TLS, PKI, WebID, OAuth, OpenID, and HTTP. Fine-grained access control lists (ACLs) enable emulation of real-world data access policies that can mirror organization structure.

Flexible Cloud Deployment

Product deployment options include personal desktops, departmental workgroups, enterprise networks, and a zero-configuration cloud service via Amazon EC2.

"The Virtuoso platform is an ideal setup for, offering us a scalable and agile platform for hosting structured data in the music domain, and generating our consumer services on top of this," said Alexandre Passant, Founder & CEO, Seevl. "It gave us the flexibility that we needed to quickly implement and deploy our solution using the latest Web standards, combined with hosting from Amazon for easy deployment in the cloud."

Putting Virtuoso to Work for You

As always, current versions of Virtuoso are available for immediate download and free evaluation. ODBC-based SQL/SPARQL access via Virtuoso's ODBC driver for the Linked Open Data Cloud and World Wide Web is free to clients running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc. Access is rate-limited, with an option to acquire licenses for increased access rates or for your own Virtuoso server instances in the cloud, enterprise data center, workgroup, or individual setup.

Through July 31st, 2012, all commercial licenses for Virtuoso are available on a special offer basis, placing entry-level Workstation licenses at $499, and offering significant savings for all deployments through to the highest-end, enterprise-grade Cluster Edition.

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