OpenLink Unleashes Semantically-Aware Column-Store for Handling Big Data Challenges

Virtuoso 7.0 Delivers Massively Scalable Hybrid (RDF Graph & SQL) DBMS For Secure, High-Performance, Big Data Management and Integration Challenges

BURLINGTON, MA. -- April 23, 2013 -- OpenLink Software, Inc., today unveiled the latest, most advanced version of the Virtuoso hybrid data management system, further expanding their cost-effective, secure, cross-platform, high-performance, and massively-scalable solution to the challenge of performing insightful analytics over Big, Small, and Broad Data. This latest product release delivers record setting performance, scalability, and agility, alongside unrivaled security sophistication.

Situation Analysis

Exponential growth of the Internet and World Wide Web continues to drive exponential growth of the data volume, velocity, and variety collective, colloquially referred to as Big Data.

In the wake of this phenomena, the perpetual quest for data-driven agility continues to challenge individuals and enterprises alike to extract timely insights, now from Big Data, and to quickly and easily deliver these to the right people and software agents, without compromising privacy or security in the process.

Driven by a simple mission statement, "Destroy performance and scalability as obstacles to the exploitation of Linked Data, the Semantic Web, and Big Data," the new Virtuoso release delivers an unrivaled platform that combining advances in database management technology, declarative query languages, and RDF-based entity relationship semantics, without compromising performance, scalability, security, privacy, platform independence, standards compliance, or ease of use and administration.

"It's no secret that in isolation, heterogeneous data access, semantically-enhanced data integration, and relational data management, continue to be overwhelmed by the security, performance, and insight-driven requirements of Big Data," said Kingsley Idehen, Founder & CEO of OpenLink Software. "In line with our technology leadership and innovation pedigree, Virtuoso 7.0 turns today's Big Data challenges into opportunities for data-driven agility exploitation, for individuals and enterprises alike, without undue complexity, expense, privacy compromises, or disruption of existing data assets or infrastructure," he added.

Benefits Summary

"I am impressed by the benefits of integrating vectorized execution and compressed columnar storage in the Virtuoso version 7 RDF store," said Dr. Peter Boncz, an award-winning database technology researcher and columnar store pioneer (MonetDB and Vectorwise) at Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica (CWI), the national Dutch research institute for mathematics. "This major development over version 6 was conducted in the context of the EU LOD2 project, where OpenLink Software and CWI collaborate. Columnar storage strongly reduces the RAM needs of RDF workloads, which benefits performance and cost of deployment. On top of that, vectorized execution turned out to be a great match for the RDF-oriented index-lookup joins and shared-nothing cluster communications. I congratulate OpenLink for achieving this technology advance," he added.

"Using column store techniques revolutionizes space efficiency and query performance for RDF-based Linked Data deployment and management," said Orri Erling, Virtuoso Program Manager and Development Lead at OpenLink Software. "Version 7 of Virtuoso is three times more compact than prior releases thereby utilizing a much smaller memory footprint. It also includes enhanced parallelization based on vectored execution that enables full platform utilization when handling the most complex data query and data loading operations. These powerful enhancements extend from the desktop to the high-availability, shared-nothing cluster configurations," he added.


The shrink-wrapped commercial edition of Virtuoso 7.0 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris, with 32-bit and 64-bit support throughout. Other Unix platforms are available on request.

The Open Source edition is available from Github.

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In a combined celebration of this exciting new release, and 20 years in business, OpenLink is offering a number of special and upgradeable licensing deals on Virtuoso 7.0.

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